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Reality Capture and Accurate Survey
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Capturing Job Sites with Drones

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Processing and Analysis

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Manage Job Sites
from Anywhere

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Processing Process Automation


Survey Data Accuracy


Survey Speed Reduction

Efficient Job Site Management

Beginning of smart construction,
Simply capture and upload images from your job site.

  1. Automatic data processing upon upload
  2. Cut and fill volume calculations in seconds
  3. 80% increased productivity with multiple elevation profiles generation

Accurate Surveys and Measurements

99.87% accuracy

  1. 0.13% error rate compared to laser scanned surveys
  2. Data with accurate geographic coordinates
  3. Make precise field surveys within the platform

Solid Understanding of Construction Job Sites

User friendly platform with quick updates based on constant feedback

  1. Platform that best understands construction job sites
  2. Comprehensive features for various stakeholders in construction job sites
  3. Customer support through professional technical support engineers

Light and accessible

Without security concerns

  1. From anywhere with a cloud-based web platform
  2. Fast speed for use in job sites
  3. Data managed with highest level security standards

Angelswing is definitely the best drone data solution.

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