Angelswing Drone Data Platform,
For All Stakeholders in Construction

Scalability for Project Managers

“It must be applicable in multiple job sites, and should support easy monitoring.”

“Product must continuously reflect on-site demand to demonstrate its effectiveness”

Convenience for Field Managers

“It should be easy to use even for busy and complex job sites.”

“Complex and cumbersome training procedures are burdensome for the job site.”

Start with Angelswing for scalability and convenience of drone survey at your job site

Angelswing Platform, a Cloud and Web-based Software
with Comprehensive Features for Construction Job Sites

1. Reality Capture

New Paradigm for Construction Management

Offering a new job site management paradigm from the past to the future by capturing reality through drone data

2. Accurate Surveys

Easy, Fast, Accurate Measurements

Easily, Quickly, and Safely make measurements with just a few clicks on the web without visiting the actual job site.

3. Automated Data Processing

Automated Data Processing

Automatically Process and Calibrate Data Upon Upload
Simply upload data to Angelswing’s Platform for automatic cloud-based data processing.

4. Ideal Use of Drone Data

Features Customized for Project Managers and Field Managers

Features Customized for Project Managers and Field Managers
Support seamless communication between the office and the job site with high compatibility of CAD software and full support for job site coordinate systems.

Datasets visualized in Angelswing’s Platform

Support 2D and 3D Models for Even More Realistic On-site Monitoring.

2D Orthophoto

Digital Surface Model

CAD Overlay

3D Orthophoto

Point Cloud

3D CAD/BIM Overlay

Angelswing Platform Features

Wide Range of Support For Job Site Reality Capture and Survey

Marker creation
on precise locations

Measure Distances, Slopes, and Areas

Multiple Elevation Profiles

Volume Calculation and Comparison by Date

Design Based Volume Calculation

Data Download and Sharing

Start improving job site management productivity with Angelswing

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