Core Value


Empower each other to create bigger values

We always aspire to reach our goal of solving industry and social issues. To do so, we empower one another and constantly share positive influence with our users and customers. We always work with a genuine heart and believe this will help create a bigger impact.


Best Teamwork and Beyond

Together we are stronger. We cultivate a work culture where collaborative efforts are valued more than individual’s success. We respect and value our diversity, and establish collaborative teamwork through clear and efficient communication.


Pioneers who change the world

We constantly ponder upon how to innovate the world with technology and create changes by precisely identifying and solving the problems around us. As “makers” and “doers” we lead both industry and society with pragmatic and forward-looking changes.


Proactive passion for growth

We proactively pave new paths while staying resilient to failure. We work with a sense of responsibility and Angelswing’s mission in mind to achieve growth and achievements by actively challenging ourselves to undertake new things.


Always strive to deliver the best value and quality

Our pursuit for excellence beyond simple completion is what differentiates us as industry leaders. We set clear standards to perfect our jobs and always endeavor to generate the best possible outcomes.

How we work

User First
Open Communication
Respectful and Thoughtful
Independence with Responsibility
Achieve Growth

Angelswing Life

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