Improving the environment begins by precisely understanding the current status of waste mountains and contaminated areas.

Detailed Use Cases

For inspecting and managing the dump sites and solid waste mountains

For effective monitoring of the contaminated areas, such as rivers and streams

For identifying and monitoring of illegal waste sites

Use Angelswing’s Drone Data Platform
for Managing Solid Waste Sites and Monitoring Contaminated Areas


  • Waste mountains were difficult to monitor and had the inherent risk of collapsing

  • Rivers and large polluted regions were hard to monitor at a glance


  • Easily monitor and manage the current status of waste mountains to prevent potential hazards

  • Survey and measure large contaminated areas using drones and help with effective management and reporting

Detailed Use Cases

Monitoring the Plastic Carpet on Bagmati River, Nepal

Monitoring and Surveying of Anyang Stream, Geunchungu